Welcome to our mobile 

clothing shop.

Our aim to to bring our goods to care homes in and around Southport.

We are building on our successful trial last year.

All items are £2.75 or less including coats jumpers shoes handbags etc.

We can tailor the mobile shop to each care home, so if you need more games or toiletries or nightware etc we can bring more choice of what you need.

A percentage of all our profits go to local good causes or charities and this year our main charity will be chosen by a public vote.

We do charge a small fee of £7.50 to cover transport costs but other than that what ever will sell on the day has no target and no pressure to buy.

We have found its an enjoyable event for residents and staff with many bargains to be had.

please ring 01704 533 933 for more information and to Book a Visit